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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Tylenol currently has a product out called Simply Sleep to assist as a nighttime sleep aid. It is strictly used as a non pain reliever, non- habit forming, safe sleep aid. And that it is. For 24 caplets you pay about $4 and since it's from Tylenol, you can find this product almost anywhere. But 24 caplets will go a long way. They are in double packs suggesting that you take two caplets an hour or two before bed time. This is a great product, however if you take two pills, you'll be out like a light for 12 hours and after you wake up, you'll be groggy and tired for about 4 hours after that. I suggest cutting down the dose. If you take one of the two pills it will knock you out for 8 hours and make you feel a little groggy for about 2 hours after that.

I normally take a half of a caplet, it puts me comfortably to sleep for about 6 hours and it has less of a groggy effect. I'm a very petite female, so my body really doesn't take well to some medications and these sleep aids pack a punch. My boyfriend is tall and weighs 260 pounds and one pill knocks him out for about 9 hours. So take caution, no matter how big you are and think that you'll need two capsules, be prepared for a long sleep.

Do not, I repeat NOT take any alcoholic drinks when taking this sleep aid. I made that mistake. I had one malt beverage and took my normal half pill and I was out like a light for 10 hours and woke up with a headache from h-e- double hockey sticks.

Simply Sleep does contain diphenhydramine, so it's not a good idea to use anything else that has this ingredient in it, even anything that is applied on the skin.

I don't want to sound like a billboard or anything but, being a sufferer of insomnia, I would highly recommend seeing your doctor if your suffering from lack of sleep for more than two weeks. Simply Sleep helped me regain the sleep I needed and get my back on a sleep schedule, however everyone is different.

I have also noticed that my boyfriend sleeps a lot sounder when taking Simply Sleep and doesn't snore down the house. But I do not recommend using this product as a snore reliever.