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Simply Unforgettable Epic Movie

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I actually watched Braveheart on DVD about 10 years after this movie was first released on big screen. This movie was produced, directed and starred by Mel Gibson. The film won numerous awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography in the Academy. This is truly one of the first ever unforgettable masterpiece of Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson played William Wallace, a Scottish patriot who was stirred up to fight for freedom after his wife was killed by the English army. Patrick McGoohan portrayed the character of King Edward I, a ruthless King of England. Sophie Marceau is Princess Isabelle, the wife of Prince Edward, who was deeply attracted to Wallace for she’d seen his great courage. Catherine McCormack played as Murron MacClannough, the wife of Wallace who was executed to death by English soldiers.

After the deaths of his father and brother and finally Scotland was in the hands of King Edward of England, William Wallace was raised by his uncle. He grows to be good soldier and when he returns to his homeland, his childhood romance with Murron evolves and eventually got married secretly. But the cruelty of the English has turned Wallace to demand their independence. The unexpected incident happened to his wife has caused him in great pain and agony. Then fire for revolution started to ignite in his heart afterwards, leading his fellow Scottish to revolt against the English. His courage and passion was seen by his people who then turn on to volunteer to join his army.

Wallace was held captive in the end and was sentenced to death. The English people has witnessed his courage and that even to his last breath, freedom is all he desires. I love watching epic movies that narrate stories of courage, heroism, love. Braveheart was among the unforgettable epic film of all time.