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Sims 1 Vacation Expansion Pack Pc Game

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I am reviewing Vacation. It is an expansion pack for the PC game Sims 1. Sims 1 is a computer game that has little people that you are in charge of. You need to have the game Sims 1 installed on your computer in order to use this expansion pack.

Playing Sims can get boring. You want your Sims to go to new places and do new things. Now they can go on Vacation! The nice thing about Vacation is the whole family can go.

In order for Sims to go on Vacation, they need to decide where they want to go. They can go to a tropical resort, a ski lodge, or a campground. Each place has it's own fun things to do. Next, they call for transportation to get them there. A cool looking vacation car comes to pick them up.

I usually choose my Sims vacation destination according to what time of year I am playing.

Let's say my Sims are going camping. Great! They will sleep in a tent and go fishing. I never know what they will catch. Hopefully, Archie Archer, the mascot of all Sims campgrounds, will not become too annoying. Sometimes Sims games give you too much of what they think is a good thing.

If my Sims want to go to a tropical location, they will stay in a hotel and go swimming. What I like the most at the hotel is the carnival games. The Sim kids play their choice of carnival games and just like real life, they get tickets or tokens that they can cash in to get souvenirs. I also like that they can bring the souvenirs home. Your Sims do need to buy a big old ugly cabinet to display some of these things. The annoying mascot at the resort is the Beach Shark.

Another cool vacation choice is the ski lodge. This is lots of fun because my Sim families can build snowmen together, have snowball fights, and do tricks on the half-pipe. The annoying mascot at the ski lodge is The Yeti. If Sim kids ever had nightmares, you can be sure the mascots would be in them. They try to look friendly, but they are just creepy looking.

All these good times do not come free. My Sims use the money they earn to pay for these vacations.

Vacation comes with places already built for these vacations, but I like to improve the buildings and upgrade the furniture and bathrooms to make it nicer for my Sims.

If you like Sims 1, you will probably want to add the Vacation Expansion pack to your game. There is a lot to do. It's lots of fun.