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Sims 2: Nightlife

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By springer on
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The Sims 2: Nightlife is the second expansion for the popular Sims 2 game. It is a fairly good addition to the series. Added in this expansion are new clothes, items, wants, fears, memories, and even a new aspiration, Pleasure Seeker. With this expansion your sims now have the ability to have real dates. You can have them date people already in their life, or call the matchmaker up and have her set your sim up with the man or woman of their dreams. Depending, of course, on how much money you are willing to spend. A great part of this expansion is that now your sims don't have to stay home all the time. They can now go to restaurants, clubs, and different stores.

I really enjoyed the Nightlife expansion, although I found it to be a bit of a pain to transfer from your sims house to the Downtown lots. One thing that I find fun is to see all the different types if dates that my sims can go on, and how to make them into a dream date. I also like the addition of vampires to them sims, and the fact that your sims can be turned into one. I really feel that this sims expansion is a great addition to the game, and that if you like to play the sims then you should definitely buy it.