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Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack

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Remember when every day was a sunny paradise for Sims? If you thought that was a boring way to live, check out Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack by Electronic Arts. The Sims 2 PC game is needed in order to play the Season's expansion pack.

Not only does Seasons deliver winter, spring, summer, and fall, it also provides additional activities for your Sims to enjoy, along with new objects. Many of these objects and activities are weather related, but others have to do with gardening and fishing.

At first I was not sure if I wanted to purchase Seasons. I actually waited several months before doing so, but the idea of Sims frolicking in the snow at Christmas time proved to be too irresistable.

Each season brings new adventures to my Sims lives. I enjoy the fact that I can choose the season in which to play.

Did you ever want to fish in your own backyard? Seasons makes that possible too. It is always a fun surprise to see what my Sims will catch next.

In the fall, my Sims concentrate more easily on building their skills, but it is moreso the weather changes in the game that I enjoy. In the fall, the leaves on the trees turn and eventually fall off. Sims can rake these leaves as well as play in them.

My favorite part about winter is a good blizzard. The snowflakes surrounding my Sims' homes are so pretty and festive. I love the howling wind. It is so realistic, I can almost feel a chill in the air and sometimes forget it is not actually snowing outside. I enjoy watching my Sims build snow people. It is great fun watching them knock them down too.

Spring is the season for love and some pretty serious thunder storms. Summer brings backyard fun, barbecues, and the joy of catching lightening bugs. A new slide just made swimming more fun too.

Seasons also introduces a personal temperature guage. The elements can make your Sims too hot or too cold, so you have to be careful with sunstroke and frostbite. I am not too fond of that aspect of this expansion pack because it is something extra to watch out for, but lemonade and hot chocolate will help in those areas.

A big part of Seasons is gardening. I did not think I would be very interested in taking care of plants and trees in a PC game, but I was surprised at how enjoyable this is. I can build my Sims a green house, plant tomatoes and grow fruit trees. When my Sims gardening skills improve, the variety of plants to grow increases. With the new juicer, Sims can turn those fruits and veggies into healthy juices the whole family can enjoy.

There are quite a few more surprises in the game, but I do not wish to spoil it for you. If you love Sims 2, you will most likely love Seasons. I do!