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Sims 2 Sims 2 Review

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By ferret on
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Sims 2 is an amazing PC game. The graphics are incredible. The Sims in this game are so likelife you will be awestruck. If you liked the Sims 1, you would definitely like Sims 2. It is more difficult to play Sims 2 than Sims 1 and a lot more involved, but Maxis did an incredible job with Sims 2. Sims 2 is like Sims 1 in that you are in charge of the lives of little people.

In Sims 2, you have a lot more control over the way the Sims look in this game. I find myself taking a lot of time just creating one Sim. You can choose their hair and eye color, but you can also decide how far apart you want the eyes, how low set you want the mouth and things such as that. Luckily you can download lots of custom hair and make up from Sim artists because the hair styles that come with the game are pretty limited. I wish they would have cut down on all those lame hats and given us more hair.

Next we have the housebuilding. I used to enjoy building houses in Sims 1, but the designs were limited. Still it was amazing what you could come up with. In Sims 2, building a house is an architectural adventure and very time conusming. So much so, that part of the fun has been taken away. However, I am sure there are builders out there that are having the best time buiding elaborate houses. I like finding ready made houses that come with the game, but those have their flaws too. The rooms are much too small to be liveable and the furniture is too big for those rooms. Once you have a functional house, you are happy.

One thing that is very different in Sims 2 is that your Sims can age. The baby and toddler stages can be quite annoying. The elders are pretty annoying too. The kids are much better in Sims 2 than Sims 1. They aren't as much work and can do a lot more things. Sims also die. It's one thing for an elder to die, though I like sending all mine to retirement homes so I don't have to deal with it, but it's another thing when the death is unexpected. After you have worked so hard on a Sim, to have them die on you can be quite sad. I don't want to talk about how some of the deaths occur as that would spoil the surprise.

One of my most favorite things in Sims 2 is the ability for one Sim to take a photo of another Sim and then paint that portrait. I have had so much fun with this. I love having my Sims do many paintings of things like grandparents holding a toddler on their birthday and hanging these painting all over the house. It is awesome!

Sims can still go shopping, go out on dates, and with some of the expansion packs, they can do lots more. There is not enough room to bring up all the points of Sims 2, but if this sounds like something you would like, you will be happy with Sims 2.