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Sims 3 (Loading And Unloading Tedious And Ridiculous)

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By sleepysunday95 on
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I bought this game about a month ago for my Mac (which has all of its software updated.) It will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to load this game. Without any "Disc Authentication Failure" Message it will take on average 15 minutes to load. But 9 out of 10 times I will wait 5 minutes for the "loading screen to the loading screen" to load and then get an error message saying "Disc Authentication Failure" and have to restart. It can take anywhere from 2-5 tries to make this error message go away. I googled the problem and it is a common issue and the only way to fix it is to illegally download it onto your computer without having to have the disc in the computer which cost $50.00+ and is NOT LEGAL.

So my routine for loading/playing/unloading this game is:

1. Insert Disc (1 minute to recognize)

2. Open Application (1.5 minutes to open and load completely)

3. Open Loading Screen to load the loading screen (2-5 minutes)

4. Disc Authentication Failure

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 anywhere from 2-5 times until STEP 6 Appears (on average 6 minutes per try)

6. FINALLY, official loading screen appears loading actual game (7-15 minutes)

7. This is where I hop in the shower or eat to wait for this game to load.

8. Game has loaded and is ready to play

9. Play game which is sometimes kinda slow or sometimes very slow, never fast... (For however long)

10. End and save game (5-12 minutes to completely save and get out of program)

For 50 bucks for a computer I game, I expect this game to run PERFECTLY and expect to wait 5-10 minutes to load, at the most. If everyone is having this problem, then the game should be priced lower (20 bucks at the most) because I am wasting more time waiting for this game to load and unload than I am playing it (for the most part.)

This is an incredibly creative and unique game to control someone's life virtually, but if I am having to wait 45 minutes just to start and end the game, that is ridiculous. If it didn't take up the entire screen and I could manage other things on the computer while the game was loading (like I handle YouTube videos) then that would be somewhat fine with me. But I am trapped while this program consumes all of my computers ability and doesn't allow me to do or perform anything else.

The game overall and pretty decent. Nothing amazing or worth 50 bucks of my money, but decent. Graphics are decent, but nothing amazing. Better than Sims 2 graphics. The game will take some getting used to. Some tasks your Sim performs on this game are unrealistic and time consuming (ex. It takes 45 minutes (in Sims time) to take a shower, 20 minutes to clean up a mess on the counter, and 15 minutes to take out the trash.) This is the most annoying part of the game given then Sim barely has time to socialize because it's either working or sleeping and if it's taking and hour out of the Sim's day just to bathe and change clothes, which only gives the Sim (with my job) 2-4 hours to socialize (which is also unrealistic ex. 20 minutes to tell a flirty joke.)

So in conclusion, the only thing I strongly wish they would correct are quicker loading and unloading times and more realistic and useful timing during the game. But after the game is loaded and done, it is for the most part a entertaining game, but nothing worth 50 bucks of my hard earned cash.