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Sims2 Pets

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This is probably my favorite of the Sims 2 expansion packs.

When creating a family, you can either create a dog or cat (Adult or senior) or you can use one of their custom ones.

Create your dream dog, the most beautiful cat, your own pet, or bring a lost, beloved pet back in this game.

Creating an animal is easy, and I spent hours perfecting my pets to look just like my real pets. (I probably didn't need to spend so long on it, but I had so much fun making the animals I kept redoing them.)

I also had each of their personalities matching my pets real personalities. (Clean/Sloppy, Brace/Cowardly, Smart/Ditsy, Shy/Friendly.)

If you don't want to make them when you create the family, you can always call the animal shelter and adopt a pet.

Don't want a cat or a dog? You can go to the buy mode and buy a parrot or a hamster.

Buy your dog a chew toy a dog house/dog mat, and a food bowl to fulfill their needs. If you neglect to buy a chew toy, your dog will destroy your furniture to fulfill their chew needs.

Buy your cat a scratching post, or watch in horror as it scratches your favorite couch until nothing remains except a pile of dust.

And don't worry, you can train your pets. Reward the behavior you want, and scold the behavior you don't. And make sure you watch them carefully until they are potty trained.

Teach your pets to sit, come, play dead, fetch, and more. Use these skills to get your pet a job and get them promoted to the top of their career.

Breed your pets for a litter of puppies, which you can keep, give away to friend Sims, or sell.

Make sure you take care of all your pets, or, either animal control will take them away, or the pet will get fed up and run away from home.

Have fun watching your Sims enjoy their pets as much as you enjoy yours!