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Singing Shark Wall Plaque Too Funny

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This plastic shark moves swims and moves its jaws and sings a verse of Mack the Knife.

A few years ago when the singing fish wall plaques came out I told my family in no uncertain terms that I did not want a singing fish. Little did I know...

Well, I had only seen the singing Bass. The guys had already found this singing shark before I ever began grumbling about fish. They were acting smug, but I didn’t know why. So on Christmas when I opened this shark it was just too, too funny. Of course, I instantly loved it because I hadn’t known that there was a SHARK that sang. (And I do collect shark items)

The plaque is about 8 x 12 inches, and needs 6 inches clearance away from the wall for when the fish wiggles. It takes 4 AA batteries which are easy to install. The whole thing hangs on the wall or it has a pull-out easel back so you can set it on a table.

There are two ways to turn it on. There is a switch on the back which turns the motion sensor off and on. So if it’s on the thing will be set off whenever someone passes in front of it. That is quite startling! There is also a push button on the front. You can turn the back switch to off and just press the red button when you want to hear it.

It first plays a couple of bars of the Jaws theme and then goes into one verse of Mack the Knife.

Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear

And he shows them pearly whites.

Just a jack-knife has old Macheath dear

And he keeps it out of sight.

and more...

The shark opens and closes its mouth and its head and upper body move in and out like the shark is swimming.

I push it every once in a while as I go by just for the fun of it. It’s always good for a chuckle, if not a whole belly laugh.

I only gave it a 4.5 rating, because a shark novelty probably has a lower entertainment value for the general public than some gifts.

Made in China by Gemmy Industries Corp.