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Sink Reflections Book By The Flylady

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May Monten By May Monten on
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This is a book how to get organized about doing housework -- and by extension, anything else you might want to do. The author's emphasis is on beating perfectionism, on teaching that you can get more done if you stop believing that what you do has to be perfect.

It's written by Marla Cilley, who is better known as "The Flylady, " the online housecleaning guru who has hundreds of thousands of people on her mailing list at www.flyladycom.

The book covers many of the same points that her emails and website do, so if you subscribe to her mailing list, you won't find much that is new here.

I've used the flylady's system on and off for years. Some of it has been extremely helpful to me, such as the idea of using a timer to tackle jobs I don't feel like doing in 15-minute intervals. I use this one all the time, both for housework and for many other things. I've also incorporated modified versions of her ideas of weekly zones and weekly "house blessing" hour into my routine.

Some aspects of her program do get on my nerves, though. There is too much empahsis on religion for my taste, and way too much pushing traditional gender roles when it comes to housework. And there are quirky things, like her insistance that you wear shoes all the time in the house, which become grating when repeated over and over.

Overall, I would say that her program, while often annoying to me, has made a positive change in my ability to tackle chores that I tend to avoid.

The best way to learn the program is to sign up for her e-mailing list. But the book might be useful for someone who wants an extra reinforcement, who can't deal with the volume of emails, or who wants to give a gift to someone who doesn't have computer access.