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Sins Of A Solar Empire

Reviewing: Ironclad Games Sci Fi Space Strategy  |  Rating:
By nuclearshadow on
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Sins of a Solar Empire is a sci-fi space strategy game. While it tries to offer a short storyline through a intro clip when starting the game it sadly lacks any campaign play. Every game you play will simply be a scenario starting off with a single planet and expanding meeting the enemy and taking them out. There are 3 civilizations and none of them have any major advantage over the other so the game is very fairly balanced.

The game play while lacking a campaign can still be quite fun as the game is very challenging. The AI is quite intelligent and unlike most games it knows when to retreat and doesn't simply allow you to wipe them out if your more powerful. The goal of the game is to colonize as many planets as

possible before you have no option but to engage the enemy and take their planets while trying to defend yours. The AI also has a unique action of presenting you with a "mission" such a destroy 5 ships of another faction to gain favor and recourses as a payment of course you can just simply ignore this and attack them instead.

The graphics are something I totally ignored at first as I stayed mostly zoomed out quite far to admire anything but when you zoom into the ships

they actually look quite nice however sadly the game is a mix of 2D and 3D which really can take out of the enjoyment of the game as most of it is indeed 2D only the ships, planets, and asteroids are 3D. The sound effects also are something that hugely lack in the game the sounds are basically repeated to death and have no variation every single thing from the weapons to the ships acknowledgment to your orders can start becoming annoying.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a game that has a lot of potentially and sadly the intro is very misleading and actually sounds like a great story they had in mind but never put into it. I can't recommend this game.