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Sirius Ly...That's Satellite Radio?

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My sister in laws boyfriend is a gadget freak, plain and simple. If there is a toy on the market that interests him, he's got it. Sirius Satellite Radio is one of his favorite toys and after enjoying the selection of tunes this satellite service offers, I am pretty certain that were I going to purchase something in this category, Sirius would be the one I'd choose.

During the few days we were in 'timbuck two land' the one thing that we were able to enjoy a lot of was the Sirius satellite stations. The wide range of music selection was great and offered us a huge lineup of seldom repeated songs through the course of the day and evening.

The Sirius satellite radio service offers monthly subscriptions from $12.95 and provides a number of music eras including a wide array of styles from pop, alternative, rock and more. You can also listen to sports casts, talk shows, catch up on entertainment new and even tune into the Nascar Race channel.

During the 4 days that we had the radio on, which was tucked securely in the back cargo area of the fellow's ATV, signal strength was quite good despite a pretty thick cloud cover at times. Just a quick readjustment of the built in antenna or moving the ATV to a more open area seemed to correct the issue most times though.

The battery of the ATV took a relatively low hit despite the 8 to 12 hours worth of play that it usually provided but a quick boost of the battery which was only necessary twice, from one of the two trucks we had remedied the situation quickly.

The Sirius satellite radio is a compact little piece of equipment that seems quite portable and can easily be moved from the vehicle to the ATV, motorbike or other carrier if needed as well as brought into the home and used.

Sirius also offers internet radio which doesn't require you to purchase or have the radio equipment and you can listen to a variety of channels over the speakers of your computer or laptop if you prefer. Currently they are offering a 3 day free trial of their internet service so that you can determine if it's something you'd like to have available.

Personally, I'd probably go for the equipment myself as I can presently listen to a large number of music stations via my laptop and net for free so to pay a $2.95/month charge for the Sirius internet radio service wouldn't be something I'd be interested in.

The Sirius service appears to be quite dependable and except for the problems with cloud cover or inclimate weather conditions that can sometimes interrupt the satellite signal to the antenna, it appears to be a pretty decent service.

I can't comment on the customer service portion of the Company but from what I can determine, Sirius is a Company that tries to take an interest in what it's customers want, are interested in and are looking for in a quality satellite radio service provider.

Overall we enjoyed listening to the variety of tunes Sirius offered and although I don't see myself purchasing from them in the near future, I do like the concept they offer and the selection they seem to provide.

Sirius Satellite radio would be a great alternative or addition for those folks who have motorbikes, ATV's, boats or even vehicles that have either no radio option currently available or have a radio that isn't up to par. A good replacement alternative and one that will keep you humming to the tunes for quite awhile.