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Sirius Stiletto 2

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By dabryanman on
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As my birthday was coming up, I had asked for one thing, the Sirius Stiletto 2. It seemed like such a great alternative to my ipod, since i only have 200 songs, and a great way to listen to the radio when i am not driving. When my birthday came, i got it, and, for the most part, i have loved it.

Out of the box, there is a USB connection cord, a power adaptor, ear buds, headphones, and the My Sirius Studio software. The Stiletto is slightly more compact than the ipod, and it comes in standard 2 GB size; however, if this is not enough to store your MP3s, there is also an external memory card that can be bought. The ear buds are quite comfortable, as well as good looking; i find that they stay in my ears better and are much more comfortable than my ipod ear buds. The software is also very easy to install, and it enables you to store MP3s as well as listen to Sirius Radio while on the computer.

The Stiletto is also equipped with many more features that make it convenient and enjoyable to use. My favorite is the wifi capablities which enable one to listen to the radio wherever wifi is present, if they do no have reception to the Sirius satelites. With wifi becoming available almost everywhere for free, this makes it even easier to listen to the radio when reception is fuzzy. Another feature lets you record up to 100 hours of programming, as well as something called the wish list, which lets you store the name of a song that you like and want to download later.

The only down side of the Stiletto is its short battery life. I like to fall asleep listening to music, but this is a hassle now because the next day i have to spend charging the battery. The battery also gets extremely hot when charging for a long time; i had charged it in the night in my bed, and in the morning it was almost scolding hot.

Overall, the Stiletto 2 is a great radio and MP3 player. With wifi capabilities, there is almost nowhere you can go without not being able to listen to the radio. The only con is short battery life, but this in no way should discourage you from buying this product.