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Size Does Matter

Reviewing: Seagate 320 Gb 7200rpm Sataii  |  Rating:
Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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I am a gamer's mania. I like to play offline "heavy" games. Well, in order to play these games, I must have storage that has large capacity. Every single game requires a minimum 6GB of space. I play GTA IV; it needs 14GB of space, very large I think. So I choose Seagate as my brand because I think other brands not have a "long life". Most of them got bad sector in 3-6 months. My old hard drive was also Seagate, but the capacity was only 120GB. Now I bought this 320GB. The price not too expensive either. With this 320GB, I can install up to 10 offline games such as GTA IV, Jericho, Prototype, Dark Sector, FEAR II, Wanted, etc. I also can save thousands of mp3's, video clips, and images. Rumor said that the larger the capacity we use, than the slower will the system loads. Imagine if you enter a library, a small library (60GB) and a big library (320GB). You will find books easier at which library? Of course you will find it easily at the small one, right? But I think this statement is wrong, definitely wrong. You can find books easier at big library if the library itself has a good arrangement and good indexing. I called this "defragmentation". You can defrag your hard drive to make it loads faster. Besides, today's hard drives have new technology called SATA and BUFFER. With SATA or SATA II, hard drives will works at the speed up to 3Gbp/s. And for 8MB to 16MB Buffer, the hard drives will works faster during data preload. So you can use big storage with high performance. I am planning to buy 1Terabyte (1000GB) of this Seagate at Christmas. I hope the price not too expensive at that time.