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Skate Playstation 3

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By jackkkkkkky on
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Skate is a brand new and innovative skating game with features and aspects like no other skating game. It is one of the first skating games that has been serious, unlike Tony Hawk games where your objective is to collect the S-K-A-T-E icons or ollie a panda. In Skate you start of basically as a nobody and have to enter tournaments and make magazine front covers to get paid and buy new gear and make your way to the top. Skate has this new feature, where you do all the tricks using the right analog stick, for instance to do an ollie you old it down then flick it up. Although this is an awesome idea it is pretty hard to use, as the trick system isn't perfect and especially when you're in a competition you need to do the right trick. This happens a lot as many tricks have the same sort of directions and if you slightly move it in the wrong direction you do the wrong trick. Another thing I don't like about Skate is the view of the skater, EA have chosen a really awkward view in that you are below the skater and to the left looking up at him. Skate is a pretty good skating game but could be a lot better.