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Skate Skate Review

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By sandwichbender on
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The day of Tony Hawk is officially over. Skate is now the champion of skateboard video games. Let's face it - we all know that Tony Hawk had his day in the sun and we've all been pretty sick of his games for a while. Well, skating fans, I feel your pain. As someone who has atrocious balance when walking, let alone riding a skateboard, I find it necessary to live out my skater fantasies in a video game. And with Skate, those fantasies are great.

Skate's controls and physics are absolutely spot-on realistic and that alone absolutely makes the game. The various challenges are similar to what you would find in Tony Hawk: get this many points, pull of this trick, etc. However, when you pull of an insane move in Skate, it actually feels like you're skilled, not just mashing buttons.

For skateboarding enthusiasts, Skate is a dream come true.