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Sketch Yourself Up Some Good Times!

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I got this sketch book a few years ago for my birthday I believe and it's still in one piece. I have many sketch books and no certain ones I use all the time. This one I've started to use more recently when I draw and doodle. The heavyness of the paper is something I really like it doesn't crumple or tear easily. It withstands pencils, sketch pencils, marker, pastels, charcoal and maybe possibly paint (I'll have to test it.)

Erasing isn't too much of a hassle it wipes away pretty well if you go in a circular motion and don't rub too hard. The eraser will take off bits of paper if you use too much pressure and will leave a nasty looking mark. I believe it is none acidic paper as well seeing as how it doesn't yellow and become brittle over time. That's a very nice thing to not have to worry about especially when giving artwork to friends and family. The paper is wonderful in a scanner it doesn't fade and shows all the details.

Unlike notebook paper or some of the thinner papered sketch pads that you have to re-draw some lines after scanning this one holds the darkness and thickness you used originally. It also adjusts better in the printer edit window than some others I've used and scanned. The sketchbook itself is sturdy the spirals haven't bent or gone mishapen and I don't really have a neat place to store them. Sometimes they get crammed into a plastic bin just as much that will fit and this one never warps. It keeps the paper flat, the lead doesn't rub off onto other pages and amazingly the cover has stayed on (it bugs me when the covers rip off.)

The size is also very workable it's not too wide or long. It's not huge or too small. It has that prefect size drawing on a table, your lap, with a little room to work or a lot of room to work. The appearance is pretty plain but as everyone knows it's not what's outside that counts it's what's inside right? This has become my new favorite sketchbook to use now out of all of them I own and I would like to invest in more like it.