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Ski Bones An Elegantly Simple Device!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Ski bones keep your skis together. You can carry the pair with one hand!

Ski bones are made of pliable plastic, and come in several sizes for different widths of skis. You need two bones for each pair of skis. One holds the tips together, and the other holds the tails. You simply bend the hook on each side slightly and seat it on the edge of the ski, then match up the other ski and do the same. The body of the bone sits between the skis keeping the surfaces apart so they don’t get scratched and ruin your new wax job!

I used to hate it when my skis would slide and bounce all over the back of my car, but having them fastened together stops a lot of that. And best of all, I can carry both skis with one hand. That had to be the most frustrating part of any drive to the ski trail; the fact that it took both hands to just get the skis alone to the car.

The bones make it much easier to store the skis; they aren’t always sliding down the wall, or falling over the way single skis do.

They come in red, yellow, blue and black, and in widths for Cross Country Skate or Race; Cross Country, Telemark or Big Bone. You can learn more at Ski Bones.

Update On Feb 14, 2011: I have recently started using another pair of skis that are narrower, and have discovered that the ski bones won't work with them. Skis need to be probably a minimum of 2.5 inches wide for the ski bones to hold on to the edges.