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Skies Of Arcadia Legends

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By Robi Fras on
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SEGA has made a very good step in remaking this Dreamcast classics for the Gamecube. They have accomplished something truly great: a nearly perfect game. Well, that was, for the time of the release anyway, because the game gets lost between all those new, awesome looking game. But nonetheless, it is still a great game worth playing.


It revovles around Vyse, a member of the Blue Rogues, which are sky pirates. One day his father gets caught by the imperial army for being a thorn in their feet. Vyse decides to rescue him, so he sets off on a small airship with his female friend, Aika. They travel the world, meet many new freind and foes and become mature with time. But will they be able to save his father? Will they fail? And what has a silver-haired girl from an ancient tribe, also captured by the imperial army, to do with this?


This game has multiple different modes of gameplay:

-City exploration, where you walk around a city, collect information, catch small bugs flying around, buying new equipment, etc.

-Dungeon crawling: Like in many other games, you walk around dungeons, solve puzzles and fight monsters.

-Airship traveling: Unlike in other RPG's, you don't walk around the world map, because you fly with your airship. You encounter random enemies.

-Airship battle: A really innovative system, where you fight other airships. It does take quite a bit of time to get used to, though.

There are two different battle modes: Normal fighting and airship battles. The normal mode is quite simmilar to other games. You can attack, defend, use items etc. But every turn you get spirit points, which you can use to unleash powerfull special attacks.

In the airship mode, you select your actions for some turns ahead. The game indicates when the best time to attack or defend is. I had quite some problems to get used to it, because it has never been used in another game.

Graphics and sound:

The graphics were awesome when the game came out, but nowdays they are below average. So if you don't have a problem with a little less awesome graphics, you should definitely play this game. It also has a quite nice soundtrack, which is better that in most of the modern games.


It's a good remake, with tons of things to do, it has ok graphics, it excells with innovative battle systems and a very good story.

But it has almost no replay value (unless you replay it for the story), because you can't really unlock anything new when playing through the second time.

I would strongly suggest that every RPG lover plays this game, because in my opinion it's one of the "best games no one ever played".