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Skil Palm Sized Screwdriver Fits In Tight Spaces

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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Skil cordless screwdriver fits in a cigar box

The Skil palm-sized screwdriverweighs just a little more than a pound, tiny and light for a cordless screwdriver. I bought the Skil screwdriver because I needed a very tiny drill to make starter holes for my wood screws in a six inch working space, and my standard drill was just too big for that space. The salesman said that the Skil screwdriver could hold Kobalt hex drill bits, which I bought separately. But in practice, the Kobalt titanium hex drill bits are not magnetized, and the Skil screwdriver doesn't have a locking mechanism in the chuck. I could drill forward with the drill bit alright, but getting the drill bit back out of the wood took a little patience in the reverse boring mode.

The rubberized grip of the Skil screwdriver fits comfortably in my hand. The ultra-light weight makes drilling and driving at any angle easy because I'm not wasting my own muscle energy holding up the driver. Once the starter holes were bored, I used the Skil screwdriver to drive in the two inch wood screws in that same six inch space. The Skil screwdriver came with five different sizes of 1/4" hex driver bits: three Phillip's head and two flat. I used the number two Phillip's head bit. Even with the starter holes already bored, I was only able to drive the screw in about an inch and a half with the Skil cordless screwdriver before the driver chattered on the head of the screw. I switched to my standard number two Phillip's head screwdriver to drive the screw in the rest of the way by hand. I thought I had made the starter holes too tight, but I was actually able to drive the two inch screws in the rest of the way by hand very easily with a good screwdriver, so I think the problem is dull driver bits.

The Skil cordless screwdriver is a good choice for household jobs that don't require much power, such as driving screws for hanging drapery hardware, pictures, or hinges on cabinets. A little site light turns on when you pull the trigger so that you can drive screws easily in dark corners. The lithium ion battery takes about three to five hours to charge, and the charge will hold for eighteen months. I haven't had to recharge the battery yet, so I'm not sure how long the battery lasts. The Skil palm-sized screwdriver does not come with a case, and for that many little parts and accesories, even a cardboard box would have been better than the plastic packaging. I used an old cigar box for my case to keep the charger cord and hex bits together with the Skil cordless screwdriver. But for $30, the Skil screwdriver is a great gift idea, and I'm happy to have such a handy little tool around the house.