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Skin Allergies, Be Gone!

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Quadriderm Ointment is an anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, anti-bacterial, and antifungal, all in one. Manufactured by Essex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., each gram contains 500mcg of betamethasone, 1mg gentamicin, 10mg tolnaftate and 10mg clioquinol - all are effective to give the skin the remedy it'll need for most skin allergies. This is basically made for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic dermatologic conditions threatened or complicated by bacterial and/or anti-fungal infections including candidal (monilial) infections.

Simply put, I bought this product to take away the skin allergy I'm having right now. I experience small itchiness in my left hand thumb. At first I use alcohol but unfortunately the itch keeps on coming back. I had to buy a skin ointment.

With only a sufficient amount to be applied to the exposed ares of the skin, the itch is gone within seconds. I apply it at least two times a day to ensure that the itchiness won't come back.

To those who are currently having problems with skin allergies, this may work for you. Try it.