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Skinny Jeans The Oldest, Newest Trend

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Slim-fit pants, more commonly known as skinny jeans, have become a popular trend over the years. They have proved a must-have for all girls and seem to add to the whole rock, punkish look of a few guys. There isn't one closet without the jeans, they've become so popular. I love skinny jeans. I think I have about 40, 50 pairs of skinny jeans just hanging there in my closet waiting to be worn. The pants sure have a wide variety of colours and electic designs. They look good with almost anything and really bring out your legs - for girls that is.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna love showing off their legs with skinny jeans. They really know how to work them too - you know, what to wear with what. I think celebrities have helped make skinny jeans what they are today in society. For teens of course, there's peer pressure. Once you see your best friend wearing it, and then one of her classmates, and then his friend and soon the whole school, you feel it is a must-have. Skinny jeans are everywhere now. Everywhere!

I just bought a pair of skinny jeans from Limite. They were low-priced - 50% off, which is a huge discount, especially for Limite. Their clothes are actually pretty expensive - especially for someone who is trying to save up for something special! Anyway, I bought this pair of skinny jeans - actually, I bought more - which were really, really nice. The fabric was nice and soft - very comfortable. It fit nicely - tightly, but nicely and the fabric made it even more comfortable. I don't know how to describe the colour. The pants were a jean colour that gradually got lighter as it reached your feet. It was really, really nice, but what else would I have expected from Limite. They don't disappoint their customers.

When I buy skinny jeans, I look at the brand. I just have a few favourites on the list and buy skinny jeans under those names. Of course, if I see a pair of skinny jeans that I really like, despite the brand, I'll buy them! Sometimes, the quality of the jeans isn't that great. They try to rip you off. I bought a pair of skinny jeans - gray, tight ones - from Sirens I think. With time, the colour faded and the rips started appearing in the jeans. It was really weird. I'm not an overweight person and the jeans aren't even that tight. I couldn't return them, though they had cost me a fortune - $25.00.

I love wearing skinny jeans with flats, flat open-toes, vans and high-heels. They look great together. Of course, it is the occasion at hand that will determine exactly what you wear with skinny jeans. When I'm going out to a party, for example, I wear my best skinny jeans and high-heels or wedges. They give you that mature look without taking away the teenager in you.

Overall, skinny jeans are great. You just have to know how to buy them, how to where them and work them!