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brian63 By brian63 on
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My wife actually is a huge game player. She loves to play board games and card games. I, on the other hand, prefer to watch tv or go for a walk. I do on occasion play games with her. Recently we have taken up the game of Skipbo. She used to play it with her mom and grandma when she was in grade school but I had never played it until the other day.

The idea of the game is that each player has a pile of cards. There was just the two of us so we each had 30 face down cards in our piles. The object of the game is to get rid of your pile before the other person, so you win! As you are getting rid of your pile you are playing off each other with the cards in your hands AND the pile cards. You are making runs from 1-12 and there are skipbo cards which count for anything. They have to played in order. You always pick up and you always discard into your own saved separate pile. My wife would explain it better.

I actually did enjoy myself and I kicked her butt so why wouldn't I like the game! I do think it's great for all ages because it helps kids count and know which number comes after the next. My only draw back is that it took quite a while to play and get through your pile of 30.