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Skookie Cast Iron Skillet

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By ferret on
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This is my new Skookie Cast Iron Skillet set by Sante Cookware. This is a neat little set! It makes for a fun gift to give and receive. This set comes with two mini cast iron skillets, two serving hot pads, a recipe booklet, and one brownie mix.

I find my Skookie to be not so much a basic cookware item as much as it is a fun activity. Since this set comes with two personal sized iron skillets, I think it is the perfect thing for a few people to have some cooking or baking fun. This is especially nice for two people to make two individual homemade pizzas. I have found it to be nice for couples or friends in college or for sleepovers.

Not only do cast iron skillets last forever, they are especially nice for achieving even heating. Also, I find my food stays hotter longer since the cast iron retains heat. This is why I especially like Skookie's pizza making feature.

Kids will also have fun with this set. You can buy ready made pizza crust, press it into the Skookie, bake for 7 minutes, remove from oven, then let the kids add their own toppings, and bake another 7 minutes. I also hear it's great for camping.

Cast iron skillets have a natural, non-stick surface. These two Skookies come pre-seasoned with natural oils and ready to use.

I really enjoy the fact that a recipe booklet is included with the Skookie set. I was surprised at the variety of things I can make in my Skookie, such as cookies, brownies, ham and cheese omlettes, garlic rolls, and quesadillas. I also found a short how-to video on the Sante web site for making pizza and cookies in my Skookie.

Some disadvantages of this set is that cast iron is heavy, I can't put it in the dishwasher, and I have to be careful not to allow soaps to ruin the natural patina. It is also recommended that you warm your cast iron in an oven after cleaning and before storing to remove moisture. They also suggest you coat it with a cast iron conditioner. Some people might think this is a lot of work. I cook and bake quite a bit, so I am ok with it.

While I have only used my Skookie skillet to make pizza, I find it is a fun activity to bring people together. I think the catchy name and taste tempting picture on the box cover are good selling points. I hope to use my Skookie often.