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Skullcandy Inkd Earbuds

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snowman13 By snowman13 on
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Skullcandy Inkd Earbuds

Skullcandy Inkd Earbuds are most defiantly overpriced. Like most products they do have a good side and a bad side. These earbuds have pretty good sound quality but there it could defiantly be much better. To get the full audio of a song I always needed to turn the volume up very loud. I know you are probably thinking "Snowman isn't that what you have to do for all headphones?", well yes that's true but most headphones you can hear everything going on in the music but with Inkd it's almost as if some of it is missing if it's not loud enough. I just wanted to clarify before I got into it that cord noise is noise you can hear while the bud is in your ear of the cord banging or hitting something. So the cord bang on these buds is not terrible but it's very noticable which bothers me a ton. The good things about these headphones is that they are pretty reliable. I have had a pair of the buds last me for a bit over a year. Also they are quite stylish and you can get them in many different styles and looks. There also very comfortable and come with three sets of different sized buds (small, medium, and large) so however big or small your ear hole is they fit well.

I give the Skullcandy Inkd Earbuds a 7/10 because there is defiantly room for improvement in the product but they are good ear buds and last a while.