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Skype For I Phone An Amazing Concept Reviewed

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The other day, while surfing through iPhone applications to add to my already far-too-large collection, I ran across Skype. Of course, I had to have it.

The very thought of putting an application on my iPhone would would negate the need for AT&T's somewhat too-pricy service was astounding. I told some buddies about it right away, and off we went to the land of Skype. After three days of intensive testing, the results are in.

The quality of Skype service seems to depend on only one obvious thing: internet speed. Because Skype calls can only be placed with wifi and not with 3G, a fast internet connection ensures seamless calls. Calling my friends from home, I had no problem--but when I ventured down the street to Starbucks, words started to become garbled and both sides began to experience a lag, similar to what news anchors sometimes experience checking in 5000 miles from their home port.

As far as 'free' calls go, its worth noting that you can only 'Skype' your buddy if he or she has Skype as well. Calling a phone without Skype incurs fees of several cents a minute when you purchase Skype Credits from the company's website. Another downside to the app is that it can't run in the background, waiting for calls. This means that anytime you want to receive a call from somebody, you have to know that you'll get it beforehand. On that note, I highly recommend the app to psychics.