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Skype Is Simply Not Worth Using

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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Skype is a VoIP service provider. It is a free software that can be downloaded here. It can also be downloaded on most mobile devices. I have used the Skype desktop program and the Android application and I noticed a few things. To start off with, Skype to Skype calling is free. This means that I can talk to you for free if both of us have a Skype account. However, I am here to review the VoIP feature, the actual phone calling to a landline phone or cell phone.

Skype offers another feature for regular calling. Call rates vary from 2 cents per minute to 5 cents per minute. Each country has it's own rate. For example, calling to the United States would be cheaper than calling to China. You are probably thinking that Skype offers a good rate. It is cheap at around 2 cents per minute for most countries. At first, I agreed with that. I used Skype for a while. I made local calls so I paid a rate of 2 cents per minute as I live in Canada. After some further calculations, I found out that it isn't as cheap as I had hoped. At 2 cents per minute, I pay 120 cents per hour or $1.20 per hour. I actually use the phone often so I'm on the phone for a minimum of 1 hour. This means I am paying slightly over $30 per month.

I compared this with a cell phone plan from Virgin Mobile. I find that I can get unlimited talk for only $30 per month. The phone connection is through a 3G connection, which means I can talk anywhere. I am currently only using Skype at home so I simply connect to my own network. However, I will have to get a data plan to use Skype outdoors and on the go. This means I have to pay an extra $10 to $25 per month for a data plan. Doing some basic math, I would end up paying $50 per month. I find that it is actually cheaper just to get a cell phone in my case.

My major complaint is the price. However, that doesn't mean I don't have other complaints. I have used Skype on PC for a while now. I do Skype to Skype calling and Skype to Skype video calling as well. I have experienced frequent interuptions and disconnections. This usually occurs on a poor internet connection. It can also occur if an internet connection is slow. I use Rogers Cable and the people I talk to use Rogers Cable as well. I pay $40 per month or so for cable so I'm getting high speed internet. I'm not using dial up or anything like that. I can download files from the internet and download email attachments in a matter of minutes, and yet I can not use Skype smoothly. I think that it is a software issue. Something is definitely wrong. I do not recommend Skype as it is expensive and is frustrating to use.