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Skype Out Rocks!

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notgirlygirl By notgirlygirl on
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Since I moved from Indonesia to Finland, I need a reliable, cheap solution to call my family who still live in Indo. Since there are no types of "cheap prepaid phone cards" in Finland to use to call international phone numbers, I decided to try out Skype Out. The rate per minute to call an Indonesian home phone number is €0.086 per minute.

All I need to do is download Skype, buy a headset with microphone, and buy Skype credit. You can buy Skype credit by using your credit card, Paypal, Moneybookers, even bank transfer! For me, the smallest amount of credit I can buy per payment is €11.50 (plus tax - so the amount of credit available is €10).

So far I've been VERY pleased with Skype. When I still lived in Indonesia, I also used VoIp to make international phone calls, but the quality of VoIp services that I found there was worse than Skype. So the quality of audio of Skype Out is satisfactory, though every once in a while I can still hear some feedback and I can hear echoes of my own voice, but they RARELY happen. I can still communicate well with my parents via Skype Out.

However, once you buy Skype Credit, make sure that you use some of it within 180 days. If you're idle for 180 days, then the amount of credit will expire. That's one reason why I only buy the minimum amount of credit per payment so that I'll make sure I won't lose any credit if for some reason I can't use a computer or Skype for 180 days.

The good news is that you can also buy gift certificate for your friends who use Skype Out. I have a friend who bought me some Skype Out credits for my birthday present and I was TRULY grateful for that!

All in all, I'm THANKFUL for Skype Out for enabling me to contact my parents easily!

P.S. These days you can also use Skype with a Wifi phone. I've never tried this, though, so I can't give a review on this yet.