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Slam Man

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Everyone who does sport needs something to build up stamina, speed, coordination, muscle etc. I have found everything I wanted in Slam man. It looks a bit harsh from the beggining especialy if you have not worked out for a while since you are breathless within minutes. But you get used to it very fast and progrss is shown within few days. It is a great simulation of boxer training with one exscepcion, your opponent stays still:) For me, personaly, this is pretty good, since you cannot get beaten up by the opponent. Nevertheless, Slam man gives you a great workout for the whole body, your coordination grows well, you get better condition, strength and reflexes. I like the idea of multiple training levels such as begginer, intermediate and advance. You can determine in which group you belong and suite your training acording to that. Very likable thing are also light flash patterns which randomly improve your coordination, reflexes and sped. Looks like a gaim, but it is not as easy as you would think. How succesful the training was is shown on te feedback of succesfull hits calculated in points and determined by time you manage to do them and you can also check how hard your punches were by the help of the integrated sensor. Since I am not to tal, the hight adjustment was pretty convenien for me.

If you are seeking for a total workout then Slam man is a great idea to try it out.