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Slenderizing Dress Shirt

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I found this really cute 3/4 length sleeve dress shirt at Walmart this past weekend. I really like the style and the color was perfect. I wear these type of shirts to work because they are easier to work with than a long sleeved shirt. I have my hands in and out of water all day long so the 3/4 length makes more sense for me.

I was drawn to the display that said "Instantly Slims You". Hey anytime I can get some slimming help I'll take it. The shirt is slenderizing because of the shape. It has princess seams and contours to show off your waist. It fits perfectly at the "girls" too, not too tight and not too loose. It really is a flattering fit.

What I like the most is the hidden buttons on the shirt. They are hidden under a flap of fabric (see pic). The arms are 3/4 length and have buttons to adjust the fit. I like my sleeves a bit looser because I am constantly moving during my work day. A snug fitted sleeve would not be comfortable for me at all!

The only bad thing about this shirt was the result after one washing. The pictures above are of the shirt before laundering. I always wash new clothes before I wear them. I don't like scratchy on my skin! I took the shirt out of the dryer and it looked awful. I am going to have to iron this shirt after every washing. It came out wrinkled and a bit out of shape. This shirt has some lycra in it and I thought it would be wash and wear. Nope....disappointing for sure.

I like the fit, the color and the price......but the look of it, after just one wash, will keep me from suggesting that you go out and buy one for yourself. Sorry this was a loser.