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Slendertone Ab Belt More Slender Figure?

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jeanine By jeanine on
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We all see the ads on TV for the ab belts that are supposed to give you a flatter tummy and overall better looking abs. I recently purchased one off of Ebay and am fairly satisfied with the product. I chose to buy the Slendertone Ab Belt and have been using it daily for about a month. I have noticed stronger core muscles but my stomach doesn't seem to be any flatter. I have lost about an inch from waist area but this product is definitely not what the informercials claim it to be.

The product has multiple setting for the intensity of the shock it sends into your abs causing the muscles to flex. It can be a little bit painful if you turn the shock up to a too high of intensity so it takes a little bit of time to figure out which setting is best for you. There are also different timed workouts that go along with the intensity. You can choose to run it for 20, 30, or 40 minutes. The time has nothing to do with the intensity though, it just determines the length of the workout.

The infomercials claim this product will cause anyone to lose inches from the waist and from what I have seen of the product, it would work better for someone who already has a flat stomach and is just needing a little bit of an extra boost to get their defined abs. I am not a skinny girl so this product has simply strengthened my core muscles. If all you are looking for is a boost on your muscle strength then this is definitely the product for you.

If you are looking to lose weight and shrink your waist size, this product might help in combination with cardio exercise but will not work on its own.

Update On Jun 19, 2010: I have been using the Slendertone Ab Belt for a few months now and have lost 2 inches. The product seems to be effective but as I said before, it most definitely does not create the model like body they show you on TV. If you are wanting to tone down already defined abs or just strengthen your core then it will definitely help.

I am happy with the two inches I have lost but I cannot say for sure that it is solely from the Slendertone Ab system.