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Slick Portable Tape Dispenser

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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When we bought the school materials of my two kids, I thought of other items too that occasionally used by my daughter at school especially on her Art subject. My daughter loves Art but during their individual or group activities time is always of the essence. One issue of concern is their use of scotch tape. Although my daughter can use a scissor to cut it I want to make it more convenient for her.We do have a big tape dispenser at home but she can't bring it at school because it is heavy. I bought this Deli Stationery Tape Dispenser No. 811 for her. It's a mini tape dispenser and it weighs just fine. It comes in different colors and the body is made from plastic material. The metal teeth of the tape dispenser are sharp but the roller is small so it can only accommodate small round tapes. But I think that's fine considering the availability of all scotch tape sizes. Now, she will not have a hard time dealing with scotch tape in school.

When I covered their books and notebooks for the coming SY 2009-2010 using this tape dispenser, I did not have any trouble on it. The scotch tape cuts easily and the roller moves smoothly.