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Slickery Pillow Cases Less Tangles

Reviewing: Royal Opulence 100% Woven Polyester Satin King Pillowcases  |  Rating:
bosoxy By bosoxy on
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I have long hair, which I like… however longer hair is more difficult to care for than short hair.

One of the problems with long hair is tangles, especially in dry weather. It got to a point for me that I would wake up to a head full of knots! After suffering for far too long I decided to try a solution that many women rave about, satin pillow cases.

I looked around for a while for the right pillow cases. Once I realized just how expensive satin pillow cases could run I was hoping for a really good deal. If I had known for sure that satin pillow cases would do the trick I probably would not have been as cheap as I was… as I cannot stand paying for something that turns out to be nothing.

One morning while shopping for a couple of necessities on amazon.com I spotted a super deal on a set of king sized polyester satin pillowcases by Royal Opulence, which I promptly added to my virtual shopping cart.

Once I received my package I was very eager to try them out!

They looked and felt great! But… Oooops! I snagged a nail on one right away! Although it was not a terrible snag, barely noticeable in fact, I quickly learned that the fibers in the pillowcases latch onto jagged edges very easily so women with any length of nails need to keep them well shaped and smooth to avoid catches.

The next thing I learned is that once the pillow case is on the pillow the pillow likes to slip right out from under my head! I had to get used to lying on my pillow with my entire head over the pillow instead of using just the edge or the pillow of the pillow would “escape“.

For it’s next trick, my new pillowcase loves to eject my pillows, just as if they were VCRs and my pillow a tape. I now know why satin pillow cases sometimes come with zippers! I have to fix my pillowcase 2 - 3 times a day/night… but this does not really bother me too much. If I knew that the pillowcase would have such a hard time staying on I may have opted to hold out for one with a zipper, however I had rejected previous ones that I had seen with a zipper as I worried about them not being comfortable or getting my hair tangled in a zipper.

I will say, however, that right away I noticed how nice my hair was after waking up. While on my most restless nights I may get a couple of light tangles, on well slept nights it may look like I hadn’t laid my head down at all!

It works! Sleeping on a satin pillow case really does keep the hair nice and tangle free!

Overall I rated the pillowcase a 4. I would definitely purchase this brand and type pillowcase in the future if I were to be in the market for one again.