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Slim Fast Optima

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Let me first start out saying that I hate loosing weight. All that monitoring your weight, eating healthy stuff that you hate, trying those meals on the go bars that taste like cardboard. Yeah, I'm with you; however I finally found a meal on the go that works. It's not really a meal on the go it is more like a milkshake on the go. Slim Fast Optima is awesome and works like a charm. There are several flavors; Rich Chocolate Royale, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cappuccino Delight.

I highly suggest the Rich Chocolate Royale or the Cappuccino Delight. Nevertheless, these shakes pack a healthy mix of vitamins and minerals that literally make you feel like you just had a meal. There is 190 calories full of calcium, vitamin A, D, K, B6, B12, C, zinc, niacin, iron, and the list goes on.

Slim Fast is best when it is ice cold, most of the time I put it in the freezer and make a slushy out of it. The best way that I used Slim Fast Optima to loose weight is to drink the shake for breakfast or drink a shake for breakfast and lunch and have a nice sized dinner.

Remember to throw some fruits and exercise in that mix too. If you're a coffee drinker in the morning I recommend the Cappuccino Delight for your breakfast. It has a strong coffee flavor that gives an extra boost to your wake up call.

The cans that Slim Fast Optima comes in are the size of regular pop cans with an easy open top. I have noticed that one of the reasons why I love my two favorite flavors is because it tastes like a shake and doesn't contain that horrible chalky aftertaste and of course it doesn't taste healthy. Which of course most of us tend to shy away from, if it tastes healthy then I don't want it.

With Slim Fast Optima as my breakfast for about a month, I found myself loosing weight fairly quickly. This shake has a great hunger control that really keeps you from being hungry for at least 4 hours maybe more. The hardest thing is to keep on the same track and not stray from it. Slim Fast does also have a great online weight loss program that is free that you can use to monitor everything from exercise to weight loss and it even gives you recipe ideas.

Slim Fast is not that expensive, Wal-Mart tends to have sales several times a year on it. Normally you can find an 8 pack for $6; a lot of supermarkets carry a bonus pack that gives you ten cans for $6. Wal-Mart's sale prices are normally 2 for $10 which is a great discount. Each can is 11 full oz.

I highly recommend this product, it is a great source of nutrition that is balanced as well as a great way to help loose those unwanted pounds.