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Slim Quick Is Not A Good Idea

Reviewing: Wellny Life Sciences Slim Quick Weightloss Tablets  |  Rating:
By mandavalga on
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We all see the commercials for Slim Quick, the weight loss tablet that is supposed to be designed for women to help them lose weight. Like many women I am overweight and have a good deal of difficulty shedding the pounds that I put on. After seeing the commercials and doing a bit of research on-line I decided to purchase Slim Quick. At over $20.00 it was expensive, and against my better judgment I purchased it anyway. It would be worth the money of it worked right?

Well I turned out out to be dead wrong. While it did help me to lose a few pounds initially it was water weight and did not help me towards my long term goals. I remained on slim quick for about 4 months and finally had to come off of it, because it wasn't doing anything.

In addition to not doing anything, I also developed some health issues like severe migraines, increased heart rate and blood pressure and nausea and vomiting. At first I did not relate the issues to slim quick but my doctor did. He told me that I need to completely come off of it because the caffeine in it was causing the problems. He went on to further explain that although I was not sensitive to caffeine normally, diet pills such as Slim Quick tend to have negative reactions with our bodies. My body had actually become addicted to the high amounts of caffeine and was craving more. He went on to explain whether it be a cup of coffee, energy drinks or diets pills, the high amounts of caffeine can do damage to the body.

In conclusion, I would not encourage anyone to take this product. It is not very beneficial and can causes some health issues. It is very pricey for only a small amount of tablets. My experience with this product was not a pleasant one and I would not take the product again.