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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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Ok, so like a good percentage of people I am overweight. I have trying to loose weight in a variety of different ways. From weight loss program, classes, and pills, I have tried it all most with little luck.

My husband and I are going on a cruise in 9 months and I would at least like to fit into my new dress with out having to get it altered. To do this, I decided I would attempt to loose weight from now until April. A few weeks ago I was in my emails and I got a pop up for Slim Seduction. After reading about them on their website and realizing that I only needed to pay the shipping ($3.97) and then about every month they would bill my credit card $45 for a new supply, I decided to go ahead and do it. Why not? See what results I got from them and so on.

So, I finally after about 7 days, get the product. The directions say to take 6 pills a day. 3 about 30 minutes before your first 2 meals. The first week was alright. I did't feel any effects. I am now at the end of my 2nd week and let me tell you, for being overweight I am in pretty good health and my blood pressure is never high. I went and had it taken today and for the first time in my life it was about 40point higher than it should be. I also noticed that I been getting headaches recently. I thought it was my eyes, but when I checked those out, they are not bad enough to cause headaches.

In talking with my husband I started to go through everything when Slim Seduction was mentioned. When I did the research and found reviews on the product, I couldnt believe how horrible they were. I am going to post a website for those of you who are interested at the end of this review, but the reviews range from the same side effects I am getting to other peoples credit cards being charged after they canceled.

I havent run into that situation yet, but I dont plan on experiencing it either. I am going to cancel this product before I am charged the full amount. I dont reccomend anyone to buy this product, not just for their wallets sake, but their health as well.

Make sure to scroll down to the middle of the page for their reviews. Here is the website:

Update On Jul 22, 2008: Ok, so I called yesterday to cancel the product and was told that I could not unless I returned the product to them before Thursday. If I didnt not do that then they would charge my credit card the full amount ($54.50) and then I would have to wait for that shipment to come and send it back to them and they would then refund my money once I proved I sent it. What in the world is this?? I have never heard of this before. I now know it is a ploy to get your credit card!