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My eldest son is 12 and just started secondary school, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him a mobile phone. I made the mistake of buying an expensive one, he lost it after a few months. Needless to say I wasn't happy. So while having a look on Ebay I came across this Vodafone 345 text phone, pay as you go, it cost £10 with free post and packaging. So I bought it. This phone can also be purchased at the Vodafone shop for around the same price.

A few days later the phone arrived, I was quite surprised this phone looked better than expected. It's white in colour with a black band round the side, according to the box this phone has a texting optimized keypad, (the numbers on one side and the letters on the other).

The phone is slimline and is quite small and the Vodafone logo is below the screen, it came complete with charger, swipe card, earphones and instruction manual, it is a basic phone which doesn't have a camera etc, however the purpose of this phone is for me to contact my son when he's out, so the camera isn't really required. There is a radio on the phone which is handy for him as he loves music.

The radio is of good quality and the battery life seems to last for a few days, however my son doesn't use the phone a lot, as it is mainly for me to contact him. My son has dropped this phone a few times and it still works fine, although because it is white the scratches are very noticeable. Some of the other specs include clock, organiser, games converter and calculator. I think there is only one game on this phone which is a car racing game, he does play this a lot and seems to enjoy it.

I have borrowed this mobile a few times and have found that it does get a good signal, considering I live near mountains this is a surprise, both myself and hubby find it hard to get a good signal on our mobiles. The one problem I would have with this phone is that the keys are very small for big fingers, however for a child's hand they would be perfect. Another thing I should mention is that this phone only accepts a Vodafone sim card unless you get it unlocked. Also it is a good size which is suitable in either your pocket or handbag.

If you want a phone with all the modern specs then this is not the phone for you, however if you're looking a basic phone then I would highly recommend this one.

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