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Slim Quick Weight Loss Supplement For Women

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I bought this supplement because I was hoping for a quick fix for weight loss. I was already exercising 5 days a week, and watching what I ate. The weight wasn't coming off, so I was hoping this would help me.

There is most definitely a great appetite blocker in this product. My food cravings were almost gone, and I could very easily be comfortable on a reduced calorie diet with this product.

There is also quite a bit of caffeine in the product. Part of my weight loss journey included breaking myself of my Mountain Dew habit. I was highly addicted to Mountain Dew, and I think the caffeine was a big part of that. I had been Mountain Dew free for a couple months when I started SlimQuick. I felt a bit jittery upon beginning SlimQuick, mainly because my tolerance to caffeine was pretty low when I started. Unfortunately, within a day or two of beginning the product, I found my cravings for Mountain Dew came back with a vengeance. I realize this is probably not common, but if you are trying to rid yourself of a caffeine addiction, this could be a big issue for you, like it was me.

Did the product work? Well, honestly, not really. I only lost about 2 lbs while using SlimQuick. That's better than nothing, but not exactly what the commercials advertise. I think that if someone was to start SlimQuick and an exercise and diet program at the same time, they may see more dramatic results than I did. Also, if you have trouble with weight loss due to constantly feeling hungry, this could be more helpful to you than it was me.