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Slim Styles Granola Excellent Weight Loss Product

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I love this granola product. The PGX (a patent pending weight loss ingredient) really does work! This "super fibre" is what makes you feel full and then of course you eat far less than you would normally, I purchased this granola to combine with yogurt and found that just a little bit combined into the yogurt was plenty to fill me up.

The granola includes a BlueCran flavor of freeze dried blueberries and cranberries, sweetened with honey and although it's great just on its own, I much prefer using it with yogurt to get an added hit of nutrition.

Although 1/2 cup serving contains 200 calories, I have yet to be able to eat this amount especially when combined with other foods without feeling totally full. The product provides 24% of the daily fibre required and 10% of the iron necessary to help keep our body in good health.

The downside to the product, sometimes, is that some of the freeze dried fruit can be a little chewier than I'd like but the overall flavor is excellent and the product, when combined with other weight loss regimes, works exceptionally well to provide a boost of energy and keep me from really pigging out on yogurt, which I've been known to do on occasion.

A little of this product goes a long way and I've had this particular box for at least 2 months and still have about a quarter of it left. It makes a great snack as well and can be eaten just as it is straight from the box or you can also add milk or do as I do and just add plain, vanilla yogurt. Yum!

I've actually lost weight over the last several months, thanks to using this product - something that before I found it, was getting pretty frustrating to accomplish. The weight loss is so gradually that it is almost effortless but today I'm fitting into jeans that I haven't worn for years and people are commenting all the time "wow, you look great!" That's proof to me that this does work and work well.

The product comes from a manufacturer located in British Columbia, so I'm not certain if this product is shipped state side or not - but that's ok, I'll keep it all to myself then :)