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Slip Sliding Away!!

Reviewing: Huggies Natural Care Disposable Washcloths  |  Rating:
jallyson By jallyson on
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Just today, my daughter had yet another blowout, and I decided it would be easier to just give her a bath rather than waste 50 wipes. In gathering up her bath stuff (one-handed), I grabbed a sample pack of Huggies Natural Care Disposable washcloths I had received in the mail, since it was faster than hunting down a washcloth and baby wash. The idea is, the soap is already on the cloth, so all you have to do is wet the cloth and wash baby down with it. Then you just throw it away, thus lessening your laundry load.

Never again will I use these! When I first removed the cloth from the package, the feeling of the cloth was unpleasant, like a scratchy piece of gauze. When my fingernails touched it, it gave me willies down my back! lol However, I figured once it was wet it would be softer. Not so! Also, there was so much lather, I could not hold on to my baby! I was trying desperately to hold on to her with one hand while washing her with the other: picture trying to hold on to a greased pig and washing it at the same time. When it was time to rinse her, there was so much soap in the water, there was no way to do it without using the tap, which entailed me (again with one hand) trying to get the tapwater to the right temperature so I wouldn't burn or freeze her! Trying to get her out of the tub and into her towel safely was a whole other adventure, as she was still VERY slippery!

The concept behind this product is great, as it was much easier to just grab this than all the other products I woud have needed. I think they just missed the mark a bit. Needless to say, I will not be using these again. I have another one that I haven't used, and I strongly suspect I'll just throw it away.