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Slow Cooker Meals That Take No Effort To Make.

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Taste of home slow cooker classics is a book full of recipes that are made by people just like you and me. I found that this book was first printed in 2007 but I bought mine in 2009. There are three hundred and fifty-nine pages of colorful pictures and recipes for you to choose from. There is also an index in the back of the book that runs another twenty-five pages.

The book starts out with several pages that talk about using a slow cooker. There are tips on preparing foods for the slow cooker. There are also tips on what size slow cooker to use. Not all slow cookers are the same. The recipes are divided into groups and separated by lovely pictures of the recipes you see.

Appetizers and beverages has always been a good way to start looking for recipes. Thirty nine recipes that you will just want to try. These recipes will offer tips after the recipe and they will suggest a slow cooker size for you to use. You will find recipes for all kinds of ingredients. You can spice up meatballs, or just make a pizza dip that is delicious. There is a recipe for a great spiced apricot cider that will knock your socks off.

Soups and sandwiches are the next 84 recipes. You will find a savory cheese soup that only takes a few ingredients and a few hours to cook. I found at least ten different chili recipes. I did not know you could use just about any type of meat to make chilli. Some of these recipes are very interesting. Tangy pulled pork sandwich is a recipe I liked from this section the meat soaks in ketchup, brown sugar, cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and spicy brown mustard. After four or five hours this meat just pulls apart and placed on a nice kaiser roll for serving.

The next 45 recipes are side dishes. You will find all kinds of way to fix corn, string beans, broccoli, cauliflower and many others here. I do not like broccoli but I did find a recipe for a side dish that my daughter loved. This particular recipe only took two hours to cook and that makes it quick and easy. I am sure out of 45 recipes you will find one you like as well.

Beef and ground beef recipes are next. There 119 recipes in this section to choose from. You can pick a recipe by the meat it uses of the time it takes to cook or just because the picture looks good. There are recipes for all types of pasta sauce as well as steak recipes. I found a nice swiss steak recipe here that made the steak so tender it just melted in your mouth.

Chicken and turkey recipes come next. This section has about 48 recipes to choose from. I personally like the Italian chicken. This recipe only takes about three house to cook and no time to prepare. Just cut some chicken breasts in half throw in a three quart slow cooker at a mix of italian salad dressing and a little water to pour over the to. Cook for two hours add a sauce made of cream cheese and cream of chicken soup. Cook for another hour serve over angel hair pasta. Now that is a fast and easy meal. There are also meals like chicken in mushroom sauce or even chicken a la king. With so many recipes to choose from your life will be much easier.

Pork, ham and sausage come next. Here you will find about 75 recipes devoted to pork, ham and sausage. I have to recommend the ham in apple sauce it is great. When you let these meats cook in a slow cooker it may take a little longer but the flavors seem to set in so nice. There are also a few recipes to fix ribs.

Desserts is the last next 36 recipes. You can make bread pudding or fondue of any kind. There is also ways to fix fresh fruit as well. Some times making your own desserts is healthier than buying them from a bakery.

The last section is on breads and salads. This section is the easiest to prepare. I did not find any of these recipes to be made in the slow cooker though. I guess they put this section in to finish off your meal only. The salads are very easy to put together and the bread just goes into the oven or microwave for a short time.

The index is in the very back of the book. Here you will find an alphabetical index and a general index. This makes it easy to look up the name of a recipe or to look up a specific ingredient.

The book is a hard back and after a full year of use the spine and glossy pages are still in good shape. Taste of home has been in business a long time and they are expanding their recipe books. This is one book I am glad they published.

My Opinion:

My opinion is easy I love the book. I have had it for about a year now and have made over fifty recipes from it. I have found that there is a reason that you should choose the size of your slow cooker carefully. If you over fill you will have a mess and if you under fill, well it could make for longer cooking time. There are three recipes on each page and a picture of one of those recipes on the opposite page.

Tip: Never fold the pages of your recipe books and make sure you wipe them off right a way if you spill something on them.