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Small Animal Kingdom Ferret Starter Kit

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The Small Animal Kingdom Ferret Starter Kit may seem like decent cage at the time that you buy it. But you will soon see that the cage is not worth the $77.00 that Petco charges for it. The size of the cage is 22.5" L x 14.5" D x 28.5" H. Which is really not big enough for one ferret but is big enough for two or three rats. The cage includes a, Water bottle, Ceramic bowl, Ferret hammock, & Four colorful balls. I do not think that the person who designed this cage ever owned a rat/ferret in their lifetime. Beacuse if they had they would have knowen that by putting grids on the levels and ramps of this cage that urine would sit and pool. The ramps are easily chewed through in about one night, and the levels are a major pain to remove from the cage so that they and the ramps can be soaked and scrubed to remove all of the urine that collects in the grids. The paint chips very quickly from the bars of this cage. The water bottle that is provided with the cage is nothing more than a cheap peice of plastic that leaks through out the night. The hammock is made from cheap nylon that frays and will be soon full of holes.The rest of the

items included with the cage seem to be of decent quailty, and the bottom peice is made of thick sturdy plastic, unlike the very thin and badly made levels and ramps. The cage is not so bad that it can not be used, it is more of a over priced and badly made cage that should cost no more than $30.00 if sold at all.