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Small But Efficient Personal Desk Fan

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High Comfort Small 4 Effective

I purchased this particular Comfort Zone 4" single speed fan for a rather odd purpose but I have to say that it worked wonderfully! My laptop (yes, ye olde death by fractions of an inch weekly) had developed yet another problem which was severely impeding upon my ability to use it effectively without it suddenly just dying on me without warning. Usually it "chose" to do this when I'd just begun to nicely get into writing or graphic work or updating a blog or website. My power adapter was slowly burning out and it would get severely hot to the touch. It was to the point where I really wasn't comfortable using the adapter for fear that I'd lose work I'd yet to save or worse, the adapter would short out or cause an electrical fire.

While out shopping one afternoon I came across a display of fans in Giant Tiger. There were all sizes and types from large oscillating fans to tall spindle fans with remotes and everything in between. Among the selection was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny but oh so adorable 4" fan by Comfort Zone. This fan may only be 4" in size but it is a great little power house that works beautifully both as a fan to cool off with and to also effectively keep the heat down on my poorly operating AC adapter.

I used this fan successfully for about 4 months with my adapter by using a small plastic tie designed so that once you've put the tie through the small entry and tighten it, you can't easily undo the action as the tie makes things very secure.

This particular fan doesn't oscillate but it does stand on a very sturdy bracket that keeps it upright and stable and which allows the fan to be swiveled almost 360 degrees back or forth but not side to side.

Alas, finally even this little fan couldn't keep my AC adapter from biting the dust and about a week after we moved, my AC adapter just died. Now that I have a new adapter and my fan is no longer needed to keep it cool, I have it sitting on my desk ready to go into action at the flip of the switch which is nicely hidden but easy to reach at the back of the fan.

This fan runs very quietly unless you allow a pencil holder to creep up behind it as I've just done. It is well worth the small price tag both for keeping an overly heated AC Adapter cooler and for keep the air circulating in and around the area in which you are working.

During the period of time the past few weeks that the temperatures were soaring into the 90's we had the central air set at 24c and I was quite comfortable as I allowed this little fan to add just that added bit of comfortable air flow.

I'd recommend this little worker bee to anyone who needs an unobtrusive yet very functional and effective cooling system. Great buy and I just need to ensure my husband doesn't decide to walk off with it as he's threatened to take it to the office to help circulate air conditioning in between his and the accountants offices. Just as my AC adapter had to die before I'd tear this fan away from it, I will have to die before my hubby can tear this fan away from me! I've grown quite fond of this little fella and of course he comes in my favorite shade - black and as I've told my husband, it also comes in white which happens to be his favorite!