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Small Needles Mean Less Pain

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I don't know anyone who likes needles. I know that I surely don't. But recently, I had to start taking Byetta injections for my diabetes. I only have to take two shots a day, and you do what you've got to do. Actually, I was worried about starting the shots, but have adapted quite well to giving them to myself. A good deal of that is due to these wonderful needles. Why are they so wonderful? Because they are small. They are 31 gauge by 3/16" and I believe they are the smallest needles made for these type injections. They are thin and short, so no worry about them breaking off in the skin. Also, my shots are only subcutaneous (given underneath the skin, rather than in a vein.) For this I am so thankful!

They attach easily to my Byetta pen by just screwing them on. They have a small safety shield, as well as a larger cap. You remove both of these, after attaching the needle to the pen by turning. I usually give the injections in my stomach, and sometimes I feel pain, and sometimes not so much. But it isn't that bad, and I am grateful that I have adjusted well. All needles should be disposed of properly in a special container for sharps, so as not to infect anyone.

Once in awhile, I will get a bruise at the injection site or some redness, but it usually resolves quickly. I am so thankful for these mini needles that make giving shots a lot less painful and traumatic.