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Smart Money Magazine

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By joey on
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My girlfriend has been getting me this subscription to Smart Money magazine for some time now. I really like it quite a bit as I simply devour everything I can get my hands on when it comes to financial reading material.

I also enjoy the Wall St journal alot as well. The Smart money magazine has many good articles in it and you can also access their website smartmoney.com and check that out as well. I am thinking with Wall St. in such a mess these days these this might be the time to learn about stocks and investments.

It better to buy them when no one else wants them or when the blood is running in the street so to speak. It has always amazed me how no one will buy a stock when it is trading at a huge discount because the market is not going well but they will happily pay 3-4 times the current price if the market is taking off to higher ground.

Anyway this magazine is a nice choice to learn about the investment world. It has many good columns in it and I have found the writers or editors of this magazine to be pretty darn good and insightful. A very nicely done publication indeed.