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Smelly Car?

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I took my granddaughter shopping on Sunday afternoon. As I was strapping her into her booster seat, I noticed the smell of cigarettes coming into my van. I turned around and saw the man in the car next to us smoking in his car, with his window rolled down. Well, by the time I had her buckeled in and shut the door, my entire van smelled like cigarettes.

The next store we went to was Walmart. I went directly back to the automotive department in search of an air freshner for my van. My granddaughter was delighted with all the different looking air freshners. You have seen them, the ones that look like flip flops, strawberries or hawaiian leis. The only thing was that most of them were just going to cover up the smell with some weird fake fruit or flower fragrance, not remove the odor from my van. I asked the salesman to suggest something that would eliminate that awful smell now lingering in my van. He showed me Renuzit Car Super Odor Neutralizer fine mist spray.

The bottle brags that it will eliminate odors in the air, on the fabric and on the carpet. The fragrance I chose is called Pure Breeze. I like that fresh smell. I didn't want my van to smell like strawberries, oranges or flowers!

I read the bottle and on the back it said it REMOVES the toughest odors like tobacco smoke and pet odors. Well my father was from Missouri, (the show me state), so I have to see if for myself! I have fabric seats in my van and it said it was safe to use on the seats too. If you have leather seats or vinyl seats ~ don't spray it directly on them.

After we left Walmart, I sprayed some on the seats and on the carpet. Within minutes, I no longer smelled the cigarette smell in my van. The refreshing scent lasted all day too. My granddaughter exclaimed that my van smelled pretty again!

The bottle has a twist on/off nozzle. To use, simply twist it to the "On" and lightly spray on the carpet, seats, and in the air. It is recommended that you DO NOT leave the bottle in your vehicle. Store it in your house and use it when your vehicle needs refreshing. The price was about $2 and compared to most air freshners or room deodorizers in a can, this was a great bargain that works!

What are you waiting for? Go get some for yourself! Nobody likes a smelly car!