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This korean drama is a Romance series and it airs every saturday and Sunday at 21:45 !! I love this drama because it has this vibe that you get so attatched and you wont stop watching till you've finished every single EPISODE. Anyways the film date was October 2009 and theres about 47 episodes.

This drama is based on a really wealthy family who becomes totally moneyless and barges at their chauffeur's house who was always there for them and served them for many years. Lee min jung a really great actress plays the second daughter of the great wealthy family and she's pretty snotty at first like many wealthy girls but when she lays her eyes on the actor Jung kyung ho she falls in love and changes. This once rich spoiled daughter must learn how to live like a commoner.

..Want to know a bit more before you actually watch it? Heres a summary of it:

In smile, You the wealthy chae-bol grand house, Lee chun-hee another actor..acts as the kiddish immature older brother. Min jung is the sassy girl who got dumped by her so called fiance lee kyu han another actor since he found out her family got bankrupted. Her dad's auto company empire was soon dissappearing and the fiances parents told him to break up the wedding. So then the bankrupted family comes and moves in with the chauffeur and the two families learn to live with each other even though they fight alot but end up with alot of great warm moments


you can go to two websites that I know to watch..

www.viikii.com and type in Smile, You EXACTLY..

or www.mysoju.com but viikii updates faster and youtube..has no subs if you want subs..if they do they are a bit slow..like about fifteen ep behind..viikii is up to date