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Smile, You're On Digital Camera!Fujifilm A202.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I have owned my trusty Fujifilm A202 now for quite a few years, and not a single problem. I think this is the best camera ever. The next in the range iwould be better of course, and so are many others made by other camera companies.

I suppose I should call this an entry level camera, which is a slight insult, it's better than that. It does still pictures, and video too, (no sound though) and you can choose the picture quality, so less pixels means more definition. It has the usual flash of course, and a threaded hole in the base for a tripod. The LED display is nice & sharp, and this shows the date too.

There is also a timer, so you should not be left out of the picture. The camera feels very comfortable in the hand, it's light too. The camera also has “Macro mode” which is for very close up shots, this seems to work well for detailed items. I have even taken photos of hallmarks, so I could blow them up on screen, making life so much easier. The camera comes in silver only, but it does look nice.

I would replace this with another identical model, however these don't seem to be available now. This camera has stood up to abuse, damp, vibration, rough handling etc.

The batteries don't last very long because any camera which has a screen, uses a lot of power. This one has automatic power saver, so if you do not take a pic, after a few seconds it will switch to “Hibernate mode”.

I use rechargeable batteries, and always keep a few spare in my case, so there isn't a problem. The size of the camera is what I would describe as small, although digital ones are nowadays.

There is no internal memory, you put in an XD card, not the usual SD one. XD stands for eXtreme Digital.

There are two kinds of these cards, the M and the H type. They have a slightly different method of digitally encoding, but it doesn’t concern us, they are completely interchangeable as well as being compatible with each other.

The transfer rate on these cards is about 5mbs per second. They are ready to use, and you don't need to format them like you do for the Tomtom.

The camera came with a 16mb card just to start you off, but I soon got a 64mb one to replace it. These cards are getting cheap now, so it pays to have a couple spare, the idea being that if you run one card empty, you just swap it, this takes seconds. Another advantage is, you could have the need to send some pictures to someone who does not have a computer. All you do is put the XD card into an envelope and post it, they then simply go to the local print shop, and decide which pics they want printing off.

I am not going to give you all the spec, for one reason, it is a little out of date, and for another, it won't help anyone make a decision about buying it.

I will mention, that this is a 2 Megapixel camera! I do know most mobiles have this and more, however the quality is still governed by things like the lens.

You will get a paper instruction book with these cameras, this is good for these days, some companies rely on you downloading them. All instructions are easy to follow, and there are simple pictogrammes as well.

I can recommend this simple camera, there are functions you will use, and some you won’t, either way, it was a bargain. I can’t give you a price, although the more modern models are available everywhere, just be aware of the charge for p&p if buying online.


is camera comes with a wrist strap, & I use an old cheap and nasty large camera case, my case looks like it contains a cheap camera, I see many people at air shows etc., with camera cases that look as if there is a thousand Pound camera in them, not good idea where there are potential muggers. This case is large enough to hold the camera, plus cards, batteries, instructions etc. This either goes on a strap around my neck, or clips onto my belt, very convenient too.

The company has their own website, with some nice info, plus some nice graphics, see it here.:-