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Smooth Away My Stubble!

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Imagine removing body hair with little effort, no pain, no razor, no water and no smell. Impossible, you say, not with Smooth Away.

Smooth Away by Idea Village is a hair removal system. Recently it has been all over television. They say the system is new, but I would call it improved. I used a similar system years back, that consisted of double-sided sand paper sheaths you slipped over your fingers for hair removal.

This hair removal system has sand paper-like pads that adhere to an applicator. After assembly, you rub the padded applicator anywhere you want to remove hair from your body using gentle clockwise and counter clockwise circular motions. It works and the results are interesting.

The sand paper-like pads, called flex-crystal pads, are similar to super-fine grit sand paper. When you apply the correct motion to your hairy skin using the device, it magically removes hair and exfoliates your skin.

No more bumpy razor burn for me! Used properly, Smooth Away will not cause razor burn. However, if you apply too much pressure or stay in one area for too long, you may irritate your skin or get a rash. The key to this product is being gentle. Remember, you are not sanding a table; you are removing hair from your skin.

For optimum results, I suggest you use Smooth Away after bathing: When you are completely dry, after about a half hour, and before you apply any products to your skin.


You can use Smooth Away anywhere; even on your face, (facial applicator is included)

No need to worry about razor nicks or cuts

Exfoliation occurs simultaneously with hair removal

Thoughts and Cautions

I found, over time, you do not have sharp stubble. If you use Smooth Away consistently, hair begins to grow back finer and less coarse. I thought this effect was especially interesting.

If you begin using this device, and you have especially coarse hair, you may go through pads quickly. Even so, the pads wear fast and must be replaced to be effective. I have not seen replacement pads for the Smooth Away system in stores yet. Hence, using this can get expensive.

I believe this product is really better for younger girls just starting with hair removal. I also think this is best for those areas you want to be especially smooth and hair free, say your bikini area or underarms.

I do not think this is the best product for all over hair removal. It is just not very practical financially and it takes a lot of time to get really good results.

Smooth Away is not recommended for diabetics.