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Smooth Away Your Hair With Smooth Away

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heather spencer By heather spencer on
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I have seen this product on an advertisement on tv a few months ago and I was interested simply because it did show this person rubbing or "smoothing" its hair away from thier arm. I was skeptical because sometimes things in life are too good to be true, so I obviously didn't buy it until I saw it at walmart just a few days ago. I used the product on my arms first because I was unsure of my legs and they always say in the label to test it out in case of a type of reaction that may cause blisters or soreness when using the product. Depending on how sensitive your skin is always test a small patch, but in my case I used my whole left arm as a test and the results were interesting to say the least. It took me a while to notice smoothness to my arm but it actually took away most of my on my arm. It didn't get all of my hair but it did take most and it left my skin feeling suuppper smooth and i say that because it was softer than I have ever felt my arm feel. I think it scraped up most of my dead skin cells on there because obviously it somehow "sands" it away. The smoothaway pad does not feel rough like sand paper but its blackish in color and the thing just slips on your hand like your really going to sand it away but you have to do it in circles because an up and down motion is the wrong way to do it ((according to the book)) Later on I did my legs and it took me like an hour to do both legs just rubbing them in circles so I can sand my hair away and afterwards I did get a little irritated on my skin because red bumps started forming so then I stopped. I wish it would have done a better job on my legs because their were some parts that were left with stray hairs here and there. Overall, I would rate this product a B-.

In my opinion, anything is better than shaving!